The Government invites tenders for the design and rebuilding of the existing shop (convenience store) on the island of Tristan da Cunha.

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Tender for the Design and Rebuilding of the Convenience Store

Tristan da Cunha CrestThe Government of Tristan da Cunha is pleased to open the tender for
The Design for the Rebuilding of the Existing Shop (Convenience Store)
on Tristan da Cunha Island.

The island only has one convenience store and warehouse (known as 'The Canteen') which is currently in a building that is old, not fit for purpose and too small for the needs of the community. The Government has the ambition to rebuild the store with a modern and quality convenience store and warehouse that will serve the community of Tristan da Cunha for decades to come. The first part of this project is to obtain a fully costed design upon which a bid for capital funding for the new store can be based.

The Government welcomes any bids from qualified architects/architectural firms to provide a bid for the design works.

Within the documents are:

01 - ITT Parts 1- 3 - Tender Introduction
02 - ITT Part 4 - Tender Evaluation Model
03 - ITT Part 5 - Content of Tenders
04 - ITT Part 6 - Specifications/Scope of Works
05 - ITT Part 7 - Draft Contract and Schedules
C2 - Payment Schedule

Clarifications in Answer to Queries - Added 11th January 2021:

Clarifications - 001
Clarifications - 002
Clarifications - 003

Clarifications in Answer to Queries - Added 14th January 2021:

Clarifications - 004

Clarifications in Answer to Queries - Added 15th January 2021:

Clarifications - 005
Clarifications - 006
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The key dates are:

Deadline for request for any clarifications from the Contracting Authority 15-01-2021 12 Noon
Deadline for submission of Tenders 21-01-2021 12 Noon
Completion date for evaluation of Tenders* 26-01-2021 -
Notification of award to the selected Business* 27-01-2021 -
Contract signature* 31-01-2021 -

Any responses or queries can be directed to:

Helene Jaumotte, CFO at: or on: +44 (0) 203 014 5110.