First Lady Administrator, Fiona Kilpatrick, takes over in historic ceremony.

Administration Hand-Over

Fiona Kilpatrick takes over as Administrator
for first three months of Joint-Administration partnership with Steve Townsend

On Friday 24th January the longest-serving Tristan da Cunha Administrator Sean Burns handed over to the first lady Administrator Fiona Kilpatrick in a customary Council Chamber swearing-in ceremony. Fiona had arrived with her husband Steve Townsend aboard MFV Edinburgh on Thursday 23rd January to take up the first Joint Administration on Tristan da Cunha, so this was indeed an historical occasion.

Administrator Fiona Kilpatrick shaking hands with former Administrator Sean Burns
during a reception arranged to meet Island Council members
in the Residency after the swearing-in ceremony.
Photos from Steve Townsend unless stated otherwise.

Fiona and Sean with members of the Island Council.

Left to right: Paul Repetto, Ian Lavarello, Steve Swain, Administrator Fiona Kilpatrick,
Chief Islander James Glass, Council Clerk Geraldine Repetto, Rodney Green, Sean Burns,
Warren Glass, Dawn Repetto, Kelly Green and Carlene Glass-Green.

New Administrator Fiona Kilpatrick with Island Councillors:

Left to right: Paul Repetto, Steve Swain, Administrator Fiona Kilpatrick,
Chief Islander James Glass, Rodney Green, Ian Lavarello, 
Warren Glass, Dawn Repetto, Carlene Glass-Green and Kelly Green.

Island Councillors absent were Jason Green and Clive Glass, both of whom were overseas.

Husband and wife joint-administrators
Steve Townsend and Fiona Kilpatrick
at the Tristan welcome sign, now fixed to the east wall of the
Post Office and Tourism Centre.
Fiona will hand over the Administrator post to Steve in three months time
as they begin their administration on the island.
Photo from Kelly Green taken earlier on Friday 24th January.