Tristan Chief Islander James Glass' further 2019 UK visit highlights

Tristan Chief Islander in the UK

Update on Chief Islander's UK Visit

Arriving in the UK on 11th April, Chief Islander James Glass was first based at Lymington in Hampshire, where Berthon Marine are refurbishing Wave Dancer. On 24th April James took part in UK Government London meetings with Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy. On Saturday 27th April 2019 James attended the Tristan Association Annual Gathering held at the Southampton Holiday Inn.

Governor-elect Dr Philip Rushbrook meets Chief Islander James Glass at the Tristan da Cunha Annual Gathering 2019 in Southampton

Governor-elect Dr Philip Rushbrook and his wife Janis
meet Tristan Chief Islander James Glass and his wife Felicity
at the Tristan da Cunha Annual Gathering.
Photo: Mike Faulds.

James with his family and Marc Escudier at the Tristan Annual Gathering.
Left to right: Felicity, James, James' daughter Sarah, his grandson Kieran, Marc, Sarah's husband Rodney,
and in front Kieran's brother Connor.
Photo: Marc Escudier

James and Felicity with Janice Green and Rhyanna Swain
who, with Jade Repetto (also at the AG) are studying at Peter Symonds College in nearby Winchester.
Photo: Ann Ashworth

On 11th May James and his son-in-law Rodney were on the Ocean Osprey an MMO charter vessel in the Irish Sea doing inspections of fishing vessels.

On 18th May James was in Newcastle and during his time there he particularly enjoyed a trip up the Northumberland coast to the Farne Islands, doing both sea and shore inspections. He added 'Beautiful beaches and rural just the way I like it'.

On 21st May he was based at Preston, planning to go to Fleetwood with the MMO on 22nd.

James leaves for South Africa before the end of May, but has a few meetings to attend first.

We look forward to publishing further news and photos of James' 2019 UK tour soon.