Welcome liaison with UK- based Association officers and members

Governor-Elect attends Tristan Association Annual Gathering

Dr Philip Rushbrook meets Tristan da Cunha Association members
prior to his inauguration as Governor

Governor-elect Dr Philip Rushbrook meets Chief Islander James Glass at the Tristan da Cunha Annual Gathering 2019 in Southampton

Governor-Elect Dr Philip Rushbrook and his wife Janis
meet Tristan Chief Islander James Glass and his wife Felicity
at the Tristan da Cunha Annual Gathering
held at the Southampton Holiday Inn on Saturday 27th April 2019

The Tristan da Cunha Association was delighted to have been included by Dr Rushbrook in his preparations before travelling to St Helena for his inauguration as Governor on 11th May 2019.

Dr Rushbrook set up a series of useful telephone briefings with key Tristan Association officers before attending the 2019 Annual Gathering on 27th April.

It is the first time that a Governor-Elect has been able to establish such close links with the Tristan Association, and this is much appreciated, as the Association seeks to promote and support the Tristan island community.

The separate Tristan Association section has more photos and details of the 2019 Tristan Annual Gathering.