New Island Councillors and Chief Islander announced

2019 Island Council Election Results

Report from Tristan da Cunha Administrator Sean Burns

The Tristan da Cunha Island Council election was held on Tuesday 26th March under the supervision of Presiding Officer, Alasdair Wyllie.

Of the 213 registered voters, 158 Ballot Papers were received, including 9 postal votes, and therefore the turnout was 74.6%.

Island Council elections are held every three years in March in a fixed cycle.

I thank the Presiding Officer, Alasdair Wyllie assisted by Council Clerk Geraldine Repetto for their diligent work in ensuring the election was properly conducted, the candidates for standing for election, and all those who voted.

Congratulations to those who have been elected or nominated. I look forward to working with you in the coming months.

Record fourth term for new Chief Islander

In the two-way contest for Chief Islander, James Glass received 88 votes and Ian Lavarello 52 votes. Therefore, James Glass was elected as Chief Islander, now serving a record fourth term in this post.

James is the Head of the Tristan Fisheries Department and is currently in South Africa. He will be travelling to the UK to work further on the island's Blue Belt policy, due to be implemented in 2020.

The photo left shows James at the 2017 Worskhop at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to develop Tristan's future Marine Conservation Policy under the UK's Blue Belt Programme.

Eight Island Councillors Elected

In the main poll, 13 candidates stood for 8 vacancies on the new 2019-2022 Island Council.

The following councillors were elected:


Clive Glass - 118 votes

Rodney Green - 111 votes

Paul Repetto - 101 votes

Steve Swain - 101 votes

James Glass - 96 votes

Kelly Green - 86 votes

Jason Green - 70 votes

Ian Lavarello - 66 votes

Not Elected:




Carlene Glass-Green - 61 votes

Sarah Glass-Green - 57 votes

Joanne Green - 42 votes

Beverley Swain - 37 votes

Marion Collins - 16 votes


Appointed Island Councillors

Under Tristan da Cunha's Constitution, the Administrator, who President of the Island Council also nominates three additional Island Councillors to make up a full complement of 11. This year the following were nominated and become Appointed Island Councillors:


Dawn Repetto

Warren Glass

Carlene Glass-Green