Island Council dissolved and nominations invited by 11th March 2019

2019 Island Council Election

2019 Island Council Elections
Report from Administrator Sean Burns

Tristan da Cunha has a fixed term Island Council of three years. The 2016-2019 Island Council was formally dissolved on Friday 1st March 2019 and arrangements made for nominations to be submitted by Monday 11th March for the new council.

Photo showing a meeting of the 2016-2019 Island Council held in the Council Chamber on 14th December 2016.
President Sean Burns is at the head of the table,and on his left is Commercial Officer Ann Biddle. Seated around the table, left to right, are Island Councillors: On the left - Paula Swain, Warren Glass, Harold Green;
On the right - Conrad Glass, Lorraine Repetto, Iris Green, Terence Green and Sarah Glass-Green.


Nomination forms can be collected from the Administrator's Office. The forms must be completed and signed by the candidate (who must be a registered elector) and countersigned by two other registered electors.

No elector may nominate more than eight candidates.

Nomination are for the vacant posts as Island Councillors and for Chief Islander, who must be elected as an Island Councillor in the election to be eligible.

Nomination forms must be given to Alasdair Wyllie (Agriculture Adviser) no later than 1800 on 11th March at the Agriculture Adviser's Office.

Election Day

This will be Tuesday 26th March 2019. See the Public Notice below: