Photos of Tristan Heads of Department on 26th September 2011

Heads of Department meeting on 26th September 2011

Heads of Department met in the Council Chamber on 26th September 2011

Photos from Tina Glass

Above Left: Left to Right: Dawn Repetto (hidden) (Tourism), Iris Green (Post Office), Geoffroy Hienard, Thomas Lafaille,
(Geoffroy is taking over from Thomas as CTBTO Station Manager), Erik McKenzie (Factory Manager), Neil Swain (hidden) (Agriculture), Jim Kerr (Education Adviser), Lorraine Repetto (hidden) (Treasury), Kobus Potgieter (Chief Executive Officer),
Sean Burns (Administrator), Conrad Glass (Police), Stanley Swain (PWD Electrical & Plumbing),
Joseph Green, (PWD Mechanical and Gas), Trevor Glass (Conservation), Andy Repetto (Communications),
Keith Green (PWD Carpentry and General), Anne Green (Education), Behind far right James Glass (Fisheries)
Above Right: Left to Right: Conrad Glass, Stanley Swain, Joseph Green, Trevor Glass, Andy Repetto, Keith Green,
Anne Green, Dawn Repetto (hidden), Iris Green, Thomas Lafaille, Geoffroy Hienard, Erik McKenzie, Neil Swain, Jim Kerr, Lorraine Repetto.