Photos of Tristan Heads of Department in February 2005

February 2005 Heads of Department Meeting at the Residency

Photo from Janice Hentley taken on The Residency lawn

From the left :
Ian Lavarello : Post and Telecommunications Department
Joseph Green : Public Works Department - Mechanical & Gas
Mark Swain : Public Works Department-Carpentry & General
Terence Swain : Public Works Department - Transport
James Glass : Natural Resources Department
Neil Swain : Acting Head of Agriculture Department whilst Dereck Rogers was on UK training attachment
Jean Swain : Treasury Department
Stanley Swain : Public Works Department - Electrical & Plumbing
Marlene Swain : Education Department
Desmond Ball : Factory Manager
Judy Green : Island Store
Dr Joerg Jaschinski : Medical Department
Mike Hentley : Administrator