Tristan's golf course in Hottentot Fence offers an interesting challenge, with lots of interesting hazards.

If you want a unique
golfing challenge, try the

Tristan Golf Club

The course doubles as Hottentot Fence cattle pasture, the site for CTBTO Station buildings and is scattered with numerous volcanic boulders!

The famous
Tristan da Cunha
Golf Club Tie

is available
direct from Tristan
for £10 including
Packing and Postage

see the
Souvenir Clothing Page
for details

Robin Repetto manages the unique Hottentot Fence Tristan da Cunha Golf Course on behalf of the Tourism Department.

Robin is photographed left with visiting consultant Steven Catchpole who generously donated two new sets of golf clubs along with 10 pair of gloves, 1000 tees and 6 dozen new golf balls in May 2009.

Tourism Coordinator Dawn Repetto (Robin's wife), can arrange a golf package for visitors which includes a famous Tristan Golf Club tie, golf certificate, score card and a play on the course for £20.

Tristan Open Golf Championship 2015

Photos from Tina Glass

Competitors in the 2015 Tristan Open
held on the Hottentot Course were -

Left to right: Anders Elliasson, Erik MacKenzie,
Robin Repetto, Anne and Marc Escudier,
Hubert Launay and Andrew Finnimore.

Factory Manager Erik MacKenzie scored 48 for the nine hole course and was declared the 2015 Open Champion.

Local hazards include a lack of greens (!) exposure to gales and rounded volcanic boulders which, if, hit, will project balls randomly, often into the sea!

The course is principally a cattle pasture,
and also contains the buildings of the island's
scientific monitoring stations
(see Tristan Monitoring Stations Page for more)
visible as white structures in the course photos above.

The 2014 Tristan Open Championship

Photos from Shirley Squibb

The 2014 Tristan Open was staged on the Hottentot Fence Golf Course on the afternoon of 25th September 2014 to allow Agulhas visitors to compete against local golf enthusiasts.

The photo left shows from the left: Golf Club Manager Robin Repetto, Administrator Alex Mitham, CTBTO manager Marc Escudier (whose buildings form one of the course's unique challenges!), Jonas Nockhammar, Joel Poulain (in front), Drew Smith, Mickey Trauernicht and Drew Campbell

Mickey Trauernicht
was the 2014 Tristan Open Champion

RMS Passengers enjoy a golf game on 20th November 2013

Scenes on the 1st tee (left) with John Bowker setting up his tee shot attempting to avoid the cows (left), John looking on as Drew Campbell makes his drive (Centre), and Drew contemplates his 2nd shot (right).
Hywel Rees-Jones sizes up his drive behind the second tee, addresses the ball, and drives off
(Drew Campbell behind and RMS St Helena anchored off shore)

SA Agulhas II Golf Match

Photographs from Tina Glass
of a golf match arranged
as an event for SA Agulhas II visitors,
on 26th September 2013
The competitors Left to Right:
Sege Le Maillot, James Davis, Robin Repetto,Maxime Le Maillot, Marc Escudier, Erik Mackenzie, Alex Mitham, Sean Burns
The winner of this
Tristan 2013 International Open
was Sege Le Maillot

19th Hole at the Café da Cunha
See other views of the course on the CTBTO Station Page.