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Tristan da Cunha Craft Days held to showcase traditional craft skills and products

Craft Day held on Tuesday 23rd September
Photos and Report from Tina Glass
A Craft Day was held for Agulhas visitors in the Post Office and Tourism Centre for islanders to show off their skills and offer products for sale to visitors. Refreshments were available in the Café da Cunha. As well as the traditional woollen production and knitwear products, and longboat making there was also a demonstration of local jewellery being made by Shirley Squibb.

Left and Above:
Dawn sorts wool for Judy and visitors Heather Southwick,
Trevor and Pat Reynolds to card

Hilary shows how the traditional Tristan spinning wheel is used before visitors have a go.

Left: Shirley Squibb demonstrating her jewellery making skills using imported materials and local volcanic stone:
Right: A necklace, piece of local rock and samples of earrings.

Necklaces are the most common items of hand made jewellery. Local materials (eg stones, shells) are suspend it on leather, cord or coated nylon decorated with imported beads.

Above: Matthew Byrne and Andrew Smith
having a chat in the Café da Cunha.
Right: Brian Rogers with three
of his hand-made model longboats

Craft Day for Agulhas Trip Visitors
held on 23rd September 2014
in the Post Office and Tourism Centre

Photos from Shirley Squibb

Craft Day held on 25th September 2012 for visitors travelling on the SA Agulhas II

Photographs from Tina Glass
show scenes in the Post Office and
Tourism Centre where Islanders demonstrated woollen handicraft skills of carding, spinning and knitting
allowing visitors to try their hand.

Hand-built model longboats were also on display.

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