News of special commissions and new products from Tristan's 37 Degrees South knitwear brand, as well as craft days.

Please knit me a Moomin Papa as a Christmas present - no problem!
Report and photos from Shirley Squibb of the latest success for Tristan's bespoke knitting team

The reasoning behind the request from Oliver Cousins concerns Moomin Papa's love of travel to remote islands. Whenever his father Jeff planned a holiday he would talk about Moomin Papa, pointing to the smallest island, and saying he wanted to stay there.
Oliver found out about Tristan da Cunha in medical school because of the links to hereditary asthma. His brother lives in Mertsham which is near to Pendell Camp which was a temporary home to Tristan islanders when they arrived as refugees from their island from November 1961 - January 1962 after the volcanic eruption.
So Oliver contacted Tristan’s bespoke knitting team and asked for a Moomin Papa for a Christmas present for his father. Lillie Swain took on the challenge and designed and knitted the model Moomin papa from island wool.
And here is the result ~

Moomin Papa in a different guise

Lillie with the completed Momma Papa
(and a Tristan stocking to hang up?)

Jeff with Moomin Papa as received
from his son Oliver on Christmas Day.

The Tristan Knitwear Team look forward to their next design and knit challenge.

Island Wool Patchwork

for exhibition in France

See the details of the project,
its design and how

48 Tristan Island ladies
worked together to complete
this mammoth order

on our
Patchwork Screen Page

Introducing Tristan da Cunha's latest 37 Degrees South knitwear:

Love Socks

For more details see the
Love Socks Page

Thanks Jane
Dawn Repetto writes:
Just recently we completed the branding for the 37 Degrees South Woollens.
This would not have been possible without Jane Garner and so to thank her, for her hard work which was voluntary,
we sent her a Tristan Sweater. Jane has now received the sweater and below we feature photos of Jane
with the parcel, pulling the sweater over her head and with it properly on.

We invite you to be the next happy customer to receive a garment from 37 Degrees South Woollens
See: 37 Degrees South Knitwear

37 Degrees South
Knitwear from Tristan

brand launched
and first garments sold ~

More details on ~
37 Degrees South Knitwear

Congratulations to Association member Alan Ashworth from Norfolk whose suggestion was nearest to that chosen.

Alan has now received his prize of
a knitted hat to keep him warm
on his next Tristan trip

Photos on Alan with his hat from Alan's wife Ann
taken on 30th August 2012

Bulk Knitwear order departs for New Zealand
as Tristan Woollens are now marketed as :
37 Degrees South - Knitwear from Tristan - The Remotest Island in the World
celebrates another largest order
Pictures and report from Dawn Repetto

MV Edinburgh departed on 18th July 2012 with another order of woollens to New Zealand.
Photographs show the 100 hats, 100 scarves, and 100 gloves laid out in the Post Office and Tourism Centre
ready for packing and three of the parcels ready for shipment.

It is noted that the parcels are addressed to Mr Simon Courtney who is a Tristan Association Member living in New Zealand
where Tristan Woollens are marketed as.
"Queen Mary's Peak Knitwear"

Joan Repetto's Carding Day

Joan Repetto's Carding Day
was held on 26th June 2012



The tradition of helping others without pay but in the knowledge that they will help you is at the heart of the unique Tristan community - even in the 21st Century.

Photographs from Joan's daughter Marie show the team gathered in Joan's home taking part in the co-operative effort which is typical of how Tristan Knitwear is produced

Janet Lavarello's Carding and Spinning Day
Pictures and Report from Tina Glass

The annual winter carding session has started again. In the past few years carding was only done on a small scale when one or two ladies would get together to card some wool. This year it has taken off on a much larger scale and the
island ladies have been getting together in big groups to have a carding day.
Images show Janet Lavarello's carding and spinning day held on 28th May 2012.

See our Bespoke Woollen Handicrafts Page to purchase hand-made Tristan Woollens.

Monica Glass and Gladys Lavarello Carding

Evelyn Hagan

During carding 'parties' the host provides food for willing helpers: Cynthia Green (left) and Jackie Lavarello prepares a feast.

Rolls of carded wool ready for spinning

Margaret Swain spinning