Progress towards achieving Tristan Lobster quotas

2018-2019 Fishing Season Update

From Tristan Factory Manager Clinton De Bod on 25th January 2019

Jasus tristani, crawfish or crayfish are marketed as Tristan Lobster. The Tristan fishery maintains the
top world MSC accreditation for sustainable catches.

Fishing is ongoing around the island; we still have 29.15 tonnes of crayfish to catch before the end of the season.

January started off fairly good with 4 days fished so far (13469kg), which is keeping us productively busy at the factory. This brings us to a total of 19 days fished for the season to date. We should still bag a couple of days before end of January.

October through to December were poor months which only provided 6 days of fishing.

We are confident that we will catch the full quota this year.

The Geo Searcher has completed its quotas around the outer islands.

Bernard Pronost's photo shows Calshot Harbour
and behind, above the low cliff, the Tristan Fish Factory

At their meeting on 25th September 2018 the Tristan Island Council approved the Total Allowable Catch (TAC)
of Tristan Lobster for the 2018/2019 season:

• Tristan 120 tonnes
• Nightingale 83 tonnes
• Inaccessible 89 tonnes
• Gough 111 tonnes
Total 403 tonnes