Tristan Lobster fishing gets underway on 1st August 2018.

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First Fishing Day of 2018/9 season

Report and Photos from Janine Lavarello

Calm outlook brings the right conditions to fish

Wednesday 1st August 2018 bought the first fishing day of the 2018 - 2019 Tristan fishing season. Although it was a lovely day on the sea the chill was still in the air with snow covering the mountain.

Snow visible on the higher cliffs show the chill in the air

At about 6.00am the gong sounded through the village indicating a fishing day and calling all the fishermen to their boats. By 7:30pm all the boats had left the harbour and was on their way to their best fishing spot for the day.

A fishing boat sets out

Soon after that the Sea Spray headed out to check on the fishing boats and to collect their trays of crayfish. By 2:00pm the Sea Spray was back in the harbour with the first catch of the day.

The hooter sounded at 5:00pm and then again at 5:30pm to call the processing ladies to the factory.  The first calls the wormers and secondly is for those who weigh and pack.

All the fishermen returned safely back at the harbour that evening with a good catch and by 7:00pm all the boats had been lifted back onto the harbour.

Boats safely back in Calshot Harbour to bring in the catch
which is unloaded and transported to the factory above for processing.