The last group of yachts passed Tristan on the 6th December, a few days after one of the leading yachts sank.

Last Vendée Globe 2020 Yachts pass Tristan

The leaders of the Vendée Globe round the world solo non-stop yacht race passed through the Tristan group on the 27th and 28th November 2020, as reported elsewhere on the website. The last group of the competitors passed Tristan and Gough on the 6th December.

Cloud covered view of Tristan da Cunha taken from one of the Vendée Globe race yachts.

Cloud covered view of Tristan taken from the yacht 'Newrest – Art & Fenêtres' on 6th December by Fabrice Amadeo.
Fabrice says that in the 2016 Vendée Globe, he saw no land between Cape Finisterre, France, and Cape Horn at the tip of South America, so he regarded this year's view of Tristan as beautiful gift from the ocean. Source: J'ai vu la terre.

Dramatic Emergency and Rescue

Shortly after he had passed Tristan, on the 30th November, Kévin Escoffier's yacht PRB was overwhelmed and folded in half by a rogue wave. He just had time to send a Mayday text message, don his survival suit, grab his emergency beacon and pull the life raft cord before he was swept into the sea among the debris of his sinking yacht.

The race organisers diverted his nearest competitor, Jean le Cam in Yes We Cam!, to look for him. Escoffier was eventually located and taken on board safe and well. Le Cam then continued the race, but without help from Escoffier (in accordance with the rules), and was given a time allowance for the rescue. He is still among the leaders. Escoffier was transferred to the French navy vessel Nívose on the 6th December in the ocean north of the Crozet Islands. He is being taken to Réunion.