The Conservation Department celebrate World Albatross Day 2020 with the children at St Mary’s School.

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World Albatross Day 2020 at St Mary's School

Report from Clare Ryan and Stephanie Martin. Photos by Clare Ryan and Trevor Glass

Playgroup Art Playgroup Collages

St Mary's School celebrated the first ever World Albatross Day on Friday 19th June 2020. The children have been busy learning about the albatrosses that live on Tristan da Cunha and the surrounding islands. They created and displayed a range of different work including posters, pictures and information sheets about albatrosses.

Enjoy these photos of the day and of the children's work.

Playgroup (top) and their art (right & below)

Playgroup Art

Staff from the Conservation Department visited school to look at the children's wonderful work and to give a presentation showing how large the wingspan these seabirds have. It was also an excellent opportunity to learn about the Tristan Albatross, a species that only nests in the Tristan archipelago.

Trevor Glass, the Head of Conservation, thanked the staff and children for their support of World Albatross Day. His colleague Kirsty Green brought along a beautiful and tasty cake that she had made, showing an Atlantic Yellow-nosed Alabatross and chick. Everyone tucked into the cake at the end of the presentation.

'Save our Albatross' cake Class 1 Artwork
Kirsty Green's 'Save our Albatross' cake Class 1 Artwork
Cake and Children
Students with the cake and and the model used to demonstrate albatross wing spans
Shannon and Kieran Chantelle and Callum Jamie and Julie
Information sheets by Shannon & Kieran (left), Chantelle & Callum (middle), and Jamie & Julie (right)