The annual event was held on 26th March

2018 Easter Egg Hunt

Report and photos from Victoria Stapleton

The crowd gathered on the Residency lawn

On Monday 26th March 2018, Marina Burns hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the children of St Mary's and the Crèche at the Residency. We were really lucky with the weather and it was a beautiful sunny day.

Egg and spoon race

Randal, Chloe and Nathan had helped Marina to hide all the eggs around the garden. On Tristan, eggs are sometimes in short supply but we have lots of locally grown potatoes so our 'eggs' were in fact foil wrapped potatoes. Once the children had found their 'egg' then they presented it to be traded for a yummy bag of chocolate treats. A big thank you to Jayne Drew from Richard James Shipping who supplied the much appreciated prizes.

More fun and games

After the hunt, the children and teachers enjoyed some cool drinks before organising more games for the children to enjoy. It was a lovely morning and St Mary's and Crèche would like to say a big thank you to Marina Burns and her helpers for organising such a lovely day.

Marina Burns (standing centre in front of table) addressing the crowd at the end of the successful event.