Commemoration of 40 years since Falklands liberation

Tristan represented at Falklands service in Westminster

Report and photos from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

On 15th June, I represented Tristan at a service in Westminster marking 40 years since the liberation of the Falkland Islands.

Many MPs and Lords attended the event at St Margaret's Church, including some who took part in the crucial debates of 1982 that dispatched the Task Force.

A group of those attending outside St Margaret's Church
(Those, like the Editor, who are unfamiliar with this Westminster Church may like to discover that St Margaret's is known as 'the Church on Parliament Square'. It is a 12th-century church next to Westminster Abbey and is also sometimes referred to as the parish church of the House of Commons'.)

Chris Carnegy with Roger Spink,
member of the Falkland Islands Legiislative Assembly (MLA)

Falklands MLA Roger Spink delivered a reflection on the progress the islands have made since the conflict.

Readings and prayers were given by the islands' UK Representative Richard Hyslop, Junior Ambassador Tamsin McLeod, and the Speakers of the Lords and Commons.

Tristan da Cunha has close bonds with the Falkland Islands, including the service of Tristanians in seaborne resupply of the liberated islands.

40th Anniversary of Falklands Liberation: First day cover, set of stamps

The Tristan Post Office has issued as set of stamps to commemorate the liberation, featuring the ocean-going tugs that visited Tristan on their way to support operations in the Falkland Islands - more >>