James Glass takes part in final day of Joint Ministerial Council

Chief Islander holds talks with OT Minister

Report from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

Screen shot of James Glass speaking from Tristan da Cunha
during a final-day JMC meeting with Overseas Territories Minister Amanda Milling
directly below James' image on the TV screen.

On Friday 19th November, Chief Islander James Glass held talks with OTs minister Amanda Milling as JMC week came to its conclusion. In the discussions, James outlined the ways Tristan has coped with the pandemic and made a strong case for the island to have alternative sources of shipping links in light of lessons learned over the last 18 months.

Screen shots showing Amanda Milling, left and James Glass,
during the JMC meeting on 19th November 2021 

To round-off our coverage of the JMC week, here is a photo taken during the reception held on 17th November
showing Tristan Government Environmental and Conservation Policy Officer Stephanie Martin, second left,
meeting Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP together with fellow UKOT COP26 delegates
Quincia Gumbs-Marie of Anguilla Gibraltar Environment Minister Professor John Cortés