Incorrect details in the February Newsletter

Booking Holiday Inn Accommodation for the 2020 Annual Gathering

2020 Annual Gathering: Booking Holiday Inn Accommodation

Tristan da Cunha Association members should now have received their February Newsletters.

We apologise that there are two errors relating to booking the Southampton Holiday Inn.

The phone number quoted: 0871 9429073 has been discontunued (although if you use it an alternative is given which will get you through to the hotel).

An alternative direct line to reception is: 02380 388142 and this should enable members to book rooms.

We have also discovered that rooms are £2 more expensive than posted at

£94 per night - Double Room; £84 - Single Room
for Bed and Breakfast and free parking.

This was not made clear to us in the contract for the day event and dinner dance, but, checking back we did receive a message confirming the £2 increase in early May, but failed to correct the prices in the newsletter.

Those staying at the hotel each year will not be surprised at the increase as prices have remained the same (£92/£82) since the last price change in 2016. We hope members will accept that the information in the newsletter was placed in good faith and will be happy to pay the small increase which, over four years works out at less than general price inflation. Day and dinner dance prices remain at those advertised and have reamined static for several years.

We strongly recommend early booking as some were disappointed in 2019 that their preferred rooms (eg twin beds) were not available.

More details about the Annual gathering are available in the February Newsletter and on this page:

We look forward to welcoming old & new friends of Tristan for another special weekend together.