SVS Grenville returns to Tristan da for the final few days of the National Geographic Expedition to the islands.

Expedition returns to Tristan da Cunha to report on its work

Expedition Finale

The Tristan community is busy preparing for the return on SVS Grenville. The expedition team will make a presentation of their work to the community in the Prince Philip Hall on Friday 3rd February as the expedition nears the end of its work.

Report from Expedition Leader Paul Rose on 26th January 2017

A beautiful and delicious Tristan lobster, Jasus Tristani and known locally as a Crawfish.
Photo by Katie Davis

Tristan da Cunha really is one of the key global hotspots of life—there is a most wonderful sense of the power of nature in this perfectly balanced ecosystem. Some of it tastes great, too!

Lobster fishing is the main income source here and the islanders’ management of this resource is an example that the whole world can learn from. Tristan lobster is some of the world’s most desirable and there is always pressure to catch more—but the islanders manage the catches very carefully and keep the fishery totally sustainable. They have their future generations and the health of our ocean in mind and of course we on the expedition also benefit as we’re having lobster tonight!