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An early Valentine lunch was held
on 10th February 2016
in the Café da Cunha.
Pasta salad and chicken followed
by chocolate mousse cake were served
and there were also sweet treats available
to take home for loved ones
for Valentine's Day on Sunday 14th.

See report and more photos on the
2016 Community News

Agulhas Visitors enjoyed a final lunch in the Café da Cunha
on Thursday 2nd October 2014
which included hot dogs, muffins, flapjacks and date slices.

Shirley Squibb's photos show scenes above and right of Tina Glass at the Café servery and the guests enjoying their meal.

Agulhas Visitors enjoying refreshments
in the Café da Cunha in September 2014
Photos from Shirley Squibb

Lunch on
Wednesday 20th March 2012

Café da Cunha

Photos from Tina Glass
show Jill Repetto and Maxime Le Maillot being served by Tina
at the new-look Café


Tristan's Coffee Shop

has now become

The name Café da Cunha was chosen
by Bob Carse from Dundee in Scotland
and Bob's prize of a Tristan Recipe Book
will follow on the next ship.

Congratulations Bob!

Photograph left shows Bob
helping himself to pudding
at The Residency. Perhaps he'll be back for 'afters' in Café da Cunha soon!

Bob is a Tristan Association member and a great friend of Islanders. He made his 12th and final visit as Dental Technician in 2012

The venue until March 2013 was known as 'The Coffee Shop'. After opening in 2010 it has in fact sold tea and other refreshments,
including crayfish sandwiches and hot meals. Special events, like retirement parties or receptions have been held here. So the new name
Café da Cunha seems far more appropriate and will perhaps make the resident French manager of the CTBTO Station feel more at home.

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