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News from the Post office, including new stamp issues, withdrawals and news sheets.

Withdrawal of 2015 Stamp Issues

Withdrawn Tristan da Cunha stamps being destroyed.

In line with the Tristan da Cunha Post Office's policy of destroying unsold stocks of stamps about 3 years after first issue, all 2015 issues will be withdrawn from stock for destruction this year.

We are due to withdraw, in June 2018, the following issues:

The Post Office will stop taking orders for these issues after the 11th June 2018.

The remaining 2015 issues will be withdrawn in November.

Left: Unsold stamps being destroyed during an earlier withdrawal exercise.

Below: The stamp sets to be withdrawn in June 2018.

The 'Potato Essays' petition for postage stamps

USS Hornet, £1.10 stamp

USS Hornet
HMS Penguin

HMS Penguin, £1.10 stamp

USS Hornet Captures HMS Penguin, £2.50 sheetlet
Magna Carta, King John, 35p stamp Magna Carta, The Residency, 80p stamp
Magna Carta, 90p stamp Magna Carta, Seals, £1.50p stamp
The 'Potato Essays'   800th years of Magna Carta

Latest 'Tristan da Cunha Stamp News' Sheet

Tristan da Cunha Stamp News

April 2018

The Post Office's "Stamp News" sheet appears once or twice a year, and is sent to clients with orders or by email. If you would like to be added to the distribution list, please send your email address or postal address to:, or phone: (44) 0203 014 2028.
Download the PDF version

Earlier Issues

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Tristan da Cunha Postage Rates 2018

Applicable from 1st April 2018


 10g 45p
 20g 55p
 Each additional 10g or part thereof 30p
 Postcards Air45p


 Up to 20g 35p
 20g-50g 55p
 50g-100g 90p
 100g-250g £1.35
 250g-500g £1.90
 500g-1kg £2.50
 1kg-1.5kg £3.00
 1.5kg-2kg £4.00

Printed matter:

 Up to 20g 35p
 20g-100g 50p
 100g-250g 60p
 250g-500g 90p
 500g-1kg £1.50
 1kg-2kg £2.50
 Postcards Surface35p

Small packet

 Up to 100g 70p
 100g-250g £1.10
 250g-500g £1.60
 500g-1kg £2.00


 Up to 1kg £3.50
 1kg-2kg £5.00
 2kg-3kg £6.30
 3kg-4kg £7.30
 4kg-5kg £8.30
 For each additional 1kg or part thereof:£1.50



Stamp issue: 70th Anniversary of the 'Tristan Venture'

Stamps celebrating the 70th anniversary of the South African scientific survey expedition that led to the establishment of the Tristan Rock Lobster fishing industry.
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Stamp issue: Visiting Royal Navy Ships

Stamps celebrating four of the Royal Navy ships that visit and provide support to Tristan da Cunha.
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Father Hugh delivers labels to Tristan Post Office

First visit to Tristan's Roman Catholic community for Superior of the Mission to the South Atlantic Islands.
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