Tristan da Cunha Withdrawn Stamp Issues
Details of stamps that have been withdrawn from sale and can no longer be ordered from the Tristan da Cunha Post Office.

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Stamp issue: Tristan's Endemic Finches

Issue date: 18th June 2014
Tristan's Endemic Finches, 35p stamp Tristan's Endemic Finches, 45p stamp Tristan's Endemic Finches, 50p stamp Tristan's Endemic Finches, £1.50p stamp

Tristan's Endemic Finches, £2 sheetlet

201409 Mint Stamps (35p, 45p, 50p, £1.50) £2.80
201410 First Day Cover
with 35p, 45p, 50p, £1.50 stamps
201411Mint Souvenir Sheet £2.00
201412 First Day Cover
with £2.00 Souvenir Sheet
This set of stamps is devoted to Tristan's endemic finches, traditionally called buntings because of their resemblance to the buntings familiar to European naturalists. They are however related to South American finch-tanagers.

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Stamp issue: Prince George's Christening

Issue date: 21st May 2014
Prince George's Christening, 35p Elizabeth, 1926 Prince George's Christening, 45p Charles, 1948 Prince George's Christening, £1.10 William, 1982 Prince George's Christening, £1.50 George, 2013
201407 Mint Stamps (35p, 45p, £1.10, £1.50) £3.40
201408 First Day Cover (with 35p, 45p, £1.10, £1.50 stamps) £4.15

This set of four stamps commemorates the christening of Prince George of Cambridge on the 23rd October 2013. The stamps show Prince George and his forebears in their christening gowns.

35p - Queen Eliabeth, 1926. 45p - Prince Charles, 1948. £1.10 - Prince William, 1982. £1.50 - Prince George, 2013.

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Stamp issue: Ships and Explorers

Issue date: 7th April 2014
Ships and Explorers, 35p James Weddell and 'Jane' Ships and Explorers, 45p George Nares and 'HMS Challenger' 201401 Mint Stamps (35p, 45p, 70p, £1.50) £3.00
201402 First Day Cover
with 35p, 45p, 70p, £1.50 stamps
201403 Mint Sheetlet (10 x 35p) £3.50
Ships and Explorers, 70p Carsten Borchgrevink and 'SS Antarctic' Ships and Explorers, £1.50 Dr Alexander Macklin and 'Quest' 201404 Mint Sheetlet (10 x 45p) £4.50
201405 Mint Sheetlet (10 x 70p) £7.00
201406 Mint Sheetlet (10 x £1.50) £15.00

This set of four stamps depicts Arctic and Antarctic Explorers and Personalities who have journeyed in Tristan waters. Each stamp depicts an image of one of these seafarers together with the ship most closely associated with them and Tristan da Cunha.

35p - James Weddell and 'Jane'. 45p - George Nares and 'HMS Challenger'.
70p - Carsten Borchgrevink and 'SS Antarctic'. £1.50p - Dr Alexander Macklin and 'Quest'.

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