Tristan da Cunha Withdrawn Stamp Issues
Details of stamps that have been withdrawn from sale and can no longer be ordered from the Tristan da Cunha Post Office.

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Stamp Issue: 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta

Issue date: 15th June 2015

Magna Carta, King John, 35p stamp Magna Carta, The Residency, 80p stamp Magna Carta, 90p stamp Magna Carta, Seals, £1.50p stamp
201508 Mint Stamps (35p, 80p, 90p, £1.50) £3.55
201509 First Day Cover (with 35p, 80p, 90p, £1.50 stamps) £4.30

This set of stamps commemorates the 800th anniversary of the granting of the charter by King John that forms the basis of Common Law rights to liberty and justice in countries around the world.

35p - King John, 1926. 80p - The Residency. 90p - The Administration Building. £1.50 - Seals, 2013.

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Stamp Issue: USS Hornet Captures HMS Penguin

The final Action of the War of 1812, 23 March 1815
Issue date: 1st June 2015

USS Hornet, £1.10 stamp HMS Penguin, £1.10 stamp USS Hornet Captures HMS Penguin, £2.50 sheetlet
201504 Mint Stamps (2 x £1.10) £2.20
201505 First Day Cover with 2 x £1.10 £2.95
201506Mint Souvenir Sheet £2.50
201507 First Day Cover with £2.50 Souvenir Sheet £3.25

This set of stamps marks the bicentenary of the capture HMS Penguin by the USS Hornet on the 23rd March 1815 off Tristan da Cunha in the last action of the War of 1812 - the last time that the UK and the USA were at war with each other.

£1.50 - USS Hornet. £1.50 - HMS Penguin. £2.50 - The battle off Tristan da Cunha.

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Stamp Issue: The 'Potato Essays'

A Petition for Postage Stamps
Issue date: 8th April 2015

Mint Souvenir Sheet (10 x 50p stamps)

The 'Potato Essays' petition for postage stamps

First Day Cover
with 5 x 50p stamps
for £3.25

First Day Cover
with 5 x 50p stamps
for £3.25

This sheetlet shows nine stamp designs, with face values in pence and potatoes, submitted by Allan Crawford with his 1946 petition to the UK Postmaster General for Tristan da Cunha to have its own postage stamps. Also featured is Tristan's first official stamp, the overprinted St Helena definitive. The issue is to be launched at the Europhilex Stamp Exhibition London 2015, which marks the 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black.

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