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Christmas Concert 2017

Report by Victoria Stapleton, with additional photos by Dawn Repetto

On Monday 11th December 2017, St Mary’s put on its annual Christmas Concert. As usual we had dances performed by all the children, and this year the story was broken into two parts. We saw how Christmas was being celebrated on Tristan in 1960, and we also saw what was happening in the North Pole with Santa Claus and his team.

St Mary's School Christmas Play 2017

St Mary's School Christmas Play 2017 - the final carols.

The first dance was performed by Class 4 and Class 5 and choreographed by the children. Then Playgroup and Class 1 performed a teddy bear dance choreographed by Miss Shelia. The last dance was performed by Class 2 and Class 3 and was choreographed by Miss Sandra. As always, the children showed that Tristanians love a good dance and they performed these dances superbly.

St Mary's School Christmas Play 2017 - at the North Pole

Nathan, Chloe and Randall were great as Santa Claus, Grandpa Claus and Mrs Claus. Santa had the flu and had to learn to share the workload as he was too ill to deliver the presents. Santa’s elves made an appearance to try to make him better and these parts were played by Kailey, Lucas, Connor and Aiden and Katie was Mrs Claus’ helper. Luckily, Mrs Claus saved the day but stepping in.

Shannon, Julie, Chantelle, Amber, Deanna played the parts of the island ladies and Kieran, Ryan, Tristan, Callum, Dylan and Jamie played the parts of island men as well as being a sheep, a cow and the Okololies. They also played the parts using the Tristan dialect which everyone enjoyed.

Christmas family at the North Pole (L-R): Chloe Glass, Nathan Swain, Randall Repetto, Katie Repetto, Kailey Swain, Aiden Repetto & Lucas Swain
St Mary's School Christmas Play - The island men. St Mary's School Christmas Play - Deanna with the Okalolies.
The island men (L-R): Dylan Green, Ryan Swain, Callum Green, Tristan Glass, Kieran Glass & Jamie Glass Deanna Rogers reacts to the Okalolies.

St Mary's School Christmas Play - The island ladies

The island ladies (L-R): Julie Green, Chantelle Repetto, Amber Repetto, Deanna Rogers & Shannon Swain

A huge well done to the children who have worked really hard this term practicing their dancing, speaking parts as well as putting in a huge amount of effort to decorate the school for the concert. I think everyone who was there will agree they performed superbly.

Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work. Thank you to Miss Renee, Miss Anne and Mr Len for writing the play, Miss Renee and Miss Julia for directing, Miss Maria for the lovely costumes, Miss Sandra and Miss Sheila for their choreography as well as directing scene changes backstage and Miss Victoria for scenery.

And lastly thank you to everyone who came to support the children and for being a great audience.

Children in Need Fundraising 2017

By Victoria Stapleton

Every year St Marys support Children in Need by taking part in a fundraising activity. This year we had three different fund raising events.

So that children of all ages could take part, Crèche children did their own sponsored run up and down the hallway in the Crèche. There was lots of giggling and Holly, Tyler, Ella and Sophie all enjoyed taking part.

2017 sponsored Creche run

Crèche's sponsored hall run.
In front, Ella Repetto. Behind (L-R): Holly Roger,
Tracey Price, Sophie Swain and Tyler Swain.
Photo: Tracey Price.

Sponsored volcano climb. On Tuesday 12th December 2017, Amber and Shannon did their part by hiking all the way up the 1961 volcano. They both raised a fantastic amount. Amber raised £80.50 and Shannon raised £45.50.
Sponsored volcano climb.
Shannon Swain & Amber Repetto atop the 1961 volcano after their sponsored climb. Photo: Dawn Repetto.

On Friday 15th December twelve children took part in the night walk. Participants were Chloe, Randall, Nathan, Chantelle, Julie, Callum, Dylan, Jamie, Kieran, Tristan, Ryan and Deanna. We started from the Prince Philip Hall and completed a circular walk around the Patches back to the village. Tracey had organised the walk and we were supported by Inspector Conrad, Peter, Colette, Leo, Bee, Tim and Victoria. It was perfect weather for the walk and we had clear skies and almost no wind. We started at 8pm with a little bit of light and finished at 10pm when it was pitch black.

Sponsored night walk.

Adults (L-R): Victoria Stapleton, Bee Hollins, Tracey Price, Collette Halter-Pernet & Peter Foster. Children:
Back row: Randall Repetto, Deanna Rogers, Ryan Swain, Kieran Glass, Chantelle Repetto, Nathan Swain & Jamie Glass
Front row: Chloe Glass, Dylan Green, Callum Green, Julie Green & Tristan Glass.

We are still collecting sponsorship and will announce our grand total when we have collected all donations. Well done to the children. A big thank you to everyone who has sponsored them and everyone who has supported the events.

Tristan students begin studies in UK

Report and photo from Chris Carnegy

In September 2017, Tristan Government UK Adviser Jim Kerr and UK Representative Chris Carnegy met the three Tristan girls starting this term with their studies at Winchester's Peter Symonds College. They all had lunch together with the girls' guardians in the UK in Winchester before checking in at the college later in the afternoon.

Rhyanna Swain, Jade Repetto and Janice Green at Peter Symonds College, Winchester

Photo shows the students, Rhyanna Swain, Jade Repetto and Janice Green in front
and behind Jennifer and Ken Gardner, Debbie Elsmore and Ian Lawrence, Chris Carnegy,
Neil Yearsley and Linda Evans, Jim Kerr.

Tristan's Past and Future Meet for a Key Anniversary

On the 200th anniversary of the first settlers signing their agreement on equal rights, three Tristan students visited the British Library to see the original document.
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School's Hospital Artwork

Children from St Mary's School visited the new Camogli Healthcare Centre to see their artwork in place.
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School Entertainment Afternoon and Tristan Themed Play

On 27th April 2017 students from class 2 performed poems and songs inspired from a recent beach cleaning afternoon, while classes 3 and 4 performed a play entitled 'Tristan before the Tremors'.
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2017 Easter Egg Hunt

A belated Easter Egg Hunt took place at the Administrator's Residence on 5th May 2017
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School Beach Clean Up Day

At the suggestion of the fish factory manager, school students spent a day clearing rubbish from the beeches around Calshot Harbour.
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School Art with Kate Aimson

Kate Aimson, the Community Liaison for Galliford Try, has worked with the children and staff at St Mary’s School to design a mural for the new healthcare centre.
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