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School's Hospital Artwork

Report from Lamont Ferreira

It was a beautiful sunny day on the 2nd June 2017 as we walked from school to the new hospital that was built on the Hottentot field on the west side of the settlement. Everyone was excited about the surprise waiting for us. Kate Aimson, an artist, worked with the students for a few weeks during their arts and craft periods at school designing beautiful artwork that was going to be displayed in the reception of the new hospital.

The hospital's reception wall artwork designed by school students
Viewing the healthcentre's reception wall artwork designed by school students
Deana Rogers holding up the framed design that Kate Aimson presented to the school.

We all had to take our shoes off before entering the hospital and admired the fascinating artwork in the reception lobby. The artwork is made using a hexagon shaped pattern and the students came up with some brilliant designs. There was a stethoscope design, a British flag and even a design of a robot monster to name just a few.

We had a short guided tour of the new facilities and Mark Aimson showed us around the hospital amazed by the spacious interior and state of the art facilities. What a wonderful modern hospital! Galliford Try has done an excellent job building an up to date high-tech facility for the island.

St Mary's School presented Kate Aimson with some thank you cards and gifts. Clive Glass came to the hospital with the ambulance after our visit and all the playgroup students got in for a joy ride all the way back to school. It was a lovely excursion and great experience to see the student's artwork displayed on the wall of our new hospital.

Left: Deana Rogers holds a framed design given to the school by Kate Aimson.

Kate Aimson gives cards to the children Riding back to school in the ambulance
Kate Aimson gives cards to the children Riding back to school in the ambulance

You can see more pictures of the artwork on the Camogli Healthcare Centre Construction page.

School Entertainment Afternoon and Tristan Themed Play

Report and photos by Len Street

On Thursday 27th April 2017 students from class 2 supported by musical percussion performed poems and songs inspired from a recent beach cleaning afternoon, while classes 3 and 4 performed a Tristan themed play. The entertainment afternoon bought to end an exciting a busy first term of the year. The event proved popular by being well supported and received by family members of the students who performed.

Right: Class 2 students reciting a poem.

Introducing the play

Introducing the play
Introducing the play.

Introducing the play and the inspiration behind it

Back in mid-march 2017 as part of our Tristan Studies, I took my class 3 and 4 students down to the traditional Tristan thatched house in order that they may better understand and appreciate life on the island before the 1961 volcano and subsequent evacuation. To my delight I was surprised how much the students enjoyed this visit and the depth of their questioning. Reflecting on the impact of our visit and realising that many members of the island community who lived through these times are still with us, I decided to write a play. The students helped me in the planning of the characters, themes and some Tristanian English!

The play is entitled 'Tristan before the Tremors'. Set around the sheep shearing day and Christmas period of 1960, it introduces the audience to the traditional lifestyle and customs of the people of Tristan da Cunha. The play features a close knit family comprising three generations. Whilst the older generation are content and happy to continue as usual, some younger members guided by influences from the outside world are gradually beginning to test and question Tristan's traditional values and boundaries.

Christmas dinner scene Okalolies
Christmas dinner scene. The Okalolies visit on Old Year's Night.
Taking a bow
The performers receive applause at the end of the play.

Classes 3 and 4 worked extremely hard to learn their lines, plan their outfits and take part in the making of props, which consisted of real potatoes, a paper King Bird supported by fishing line and real shepherd's crooks. In recognition of all their hard work, the students even got to perform with real crisps and orange juice for the final Old Year's Night scene.

2017 Easter Egg Hunt

A belated Easter Egg Hunt took place at the Administrator's Residence on 5th May 2017
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School Beach Clean Up Day

At the suggestion of the fish factory manager, school students spent a day clearing rubbish from the beeches around Calshot Harbour.
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School Art with Kate Aimson

Kate Aimson, the Community Liaison for Galliford Try, has worked with the children and staff at St Mary’s School to design a mural for the new healthcare centre.
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St Mary's School Sports Day

A school sports day was held on the 24th April 2017.
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Two teaching jobs advertised for 2017

Senior Teacher and Maths / Science Teachers wanted
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Saint Mary’s school and Conservation Department Tree Planting

School students have helped plant two coniferous pine sapplings to replace a mature tree that was destroyed by a storm.
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School Healthcare Centre Visit

St Mary's School pupils tour the Camogli Healthcare Centre construction site.
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