Tristan da Cunha Development News 2014
News of the development of and repairs to Tristan's infrastructure - buildings, services, roads, etc during 2014
Remedial work to repair cliff above Puma Road on 24th May 2014
Photos from Tina Glass and Report from Drew Campbell
see also photos of the storm occurring the same day on the Storms Page
Timothy Green and Alex Mitham view the scaffold works
The scaffolding and awaiting trailer with the storm raging behind

On Saturday 24th May the PWD team were striking
the scaffolding put up to attend to a small rock collapse
on the Puma Road (harbour road) cliff face.
As the wind was too strong to strike it up in the air
the Ace crane was used driven by Darren Repetto
lifted it and lowered it down on the boat area to strike in safety. When the scaffold was lifted and lowered down
it was dismantled and loaded onto a trailer
for removal to the stores.

Left: Rodney Green and Clifton Repetto on the scaffolding


May Update on Projects
Photos from Drew Campbell

Above: Scenes on 23rd April- Left : Inside the new water tank ; Right: Jody Squibb working inside the new water tank
Exterior of new water tank with Damien Swain working on top on 28th April
The scene on 6th May as the water source protection, pipework and chambers are nearing completion
Photos taken on 23rd April of the improved infrastructure on the beach east of Calshot Harbour
where a beach aggregate crushing site has been established: Left: The crushing plant; Right: The crushing platform

Progress on Harbour and Water Projects
Report and Photos from PWD Director Drew Campbell
Views of the substantial new tank stand formwork behind the village and near the Big Watron spring which is the community's crucial water supply: Left - looking west on 19th February;
Right looking north across the Settlement with MV Edinburgh preparing to leave for Cape Town on 25th February.
The water tank stand is being cast in situ with the
Administrator, Alex Mitham (shown right)
making a site visit to assess progress on 24th January
Pre cast chambers are being fabricated and cast on
site in the village on 23rd January

Report from IMC Worldwide’s current ‘Water Man’ - Victor Cinamon

As IMC's representative on the Water Supply Project, it was with mixed emotions that I watched the Edinburgh leaving for Cape Town the other afternoon - not least because there was a strong probability I might have been one of its passengers. Fortunately, things turned out differently and my stay was extended.

My short time on the Island has been a huge learning curve, especially in the art of self-sufficiency - evident in every aspect of life here. The islanders have an approach to living that puts the rest of the world to shame. They stand up for each other; they take care of the aged; and they rally around those in need with no expectation of reward other than help when they need it themselves.

I have witnessed the community gathering at one home to put on a new roof, delighting in the sense of fellowship and helping others, with a celebratory feast at the end of the day to reward all their hard work.

As IMC's representative, I have been overwhelmed with Island hospitality. On more than one occasion I have had to walk home with pockets bulging with beers I dare not drink - placed in front of me with little said apart from "for you my brother".

Those who have been working with me have expressed a great desire to learn new skills. At first, there was a certain amount of reserve but steel fixing, leveling, formwork, planning and harbour repair have all become subjects of brand new interest and enthusiasm. I will leave Tristan da Cunha enriched by my experience - taking away with me some serious lessons on life, unity and survival that the Islanders have taught me. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work here and share my skills with people so eager to learn. I really admire and respect these unique members of the human race.

The Water Reticulation Project is being led by Robin Repetto with two teams of 14 men working alternate weeks. IMC Consultant's Supervisor on site is Victor Cinamon. A new water reticulation network is being implemented including Source Protection, New Tank, Pump House and Domestic Supply. The project duration is approximately 4 months.
Photos above show: Left: Water pipes - materials on site in preparation for excavation and laying
Right - Water Tank - Site being made level and excess material removed to dump site

The Water Reticulation Project is well underway and will provide a comprehensive and updated system, including an enhanced supply to the Settlement, renewing domestic supply pipes, and increasing the capacity of the water storage tanks.

The Harbour Project is being led by Carlene Glass-Green with two teams of 14 men working alternate weeks.
Some emergency repairs and dolos casting will be done over the next 3 to 4 months.

Photos show:Above - Left - Calshot Harbour Road - Buttress construction to secure undermined road
Right: Mooring bollards - Replacement of broken stainless steel tube ends
Below - Left - Dolos lying on Garden Gate Beach looking west to Calshot Harbour
Right - The first new dolos mould being cast with concrete on 18th February 2014.

Report and Photos from PWD Director Drew Campbell