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Bright Future for Tristan as Electrical Upgrade Continues

Photos and Report
from Robin Repetto

The second leg of the project started on the 8th October. Sub stations that arrived were positioned on concreted plinths awaiting the arrival of the electrical engineers to connect the new MV cables. Plinths for street lights were constructed and concreted into place. Paths and roads damaged by the trenching have also been repaired and the remaining cables to the last houses have been completed.
The electrical engineers arrived back on the island aboard MV Edinburgh on 9th November. MV/LV connections to the step-up station have been made. Power to the first mini-sub was switched on 16th November and the first section of streetlights tested. These were put on over night to see their effectiveness with good results.

Tristan's Electricity Network Upgrade

Report and pictures
from Electrical & Plumbing Department Deputy Head
Robin Repetto
on 11th June 2013

Working progress
Village scene as the work continues
I am pleased to say the first leg of the electrical project has now been completed. Service cables to the local homes have been laid, buried and all, except one of the kiosks have been installed and connected. A clean up has been carried out and the grassland is pretty much as it was before we started.

When the Edinburgh arrives W/B 17th June, we will start with the plinths for the streetlights, installing new distribution boards to the local homes and the Government buildings and preparing for the contractors who are due to return in November with the mini-substations to finish and complete the work.

Contractors by the Island Sign
Photograph of the contractors and islanders who worked on the project at a farewell party in the Prince Philip Hall which proved to be premature as MV Edinburgh was forced to return to Cape Town and it's departure is delayed until later in the month.

Report and pictures
from Electrical & Plumbing Department Deputy Head
Robin Repetto
on 22nd April 2013

Work is progressing well and we have made good distances in spite of the weather.

We are installing 4 x 200KvA minisubs and 1 x 315 substation, but unfortunately these didn't arrive on the Edinburgh as the ship was full and will only arrive on the next sailing in May. 6.6Kv cables have been laid to the 4 minisubs and supply cables to the Kiosks that will house the breakers for the houses. Service cables have been laid to some of the houses, but no connections have been made. These will probably be connected into the houses towards the end of the work.

Tristan's Electricity Network Upgrade Begins
Report and pictures from Electrical & Plumbing Department Deputy Head Robin Repetto

The Electrical Reticulation project started on 2nd April 2013 and great progress has already been made as shown by the photographs taken on 3rd April of work to dig trenches and insert cables.

All the cables are laid underground. The first MV cable of 6.6KV has been installed and progress is being made to bury it and start on the next stage to the next mini substation.

The project is being coordinated by Electrical Engineers Deon Jacobus & Wynand de Bruyn who arrived aboard MV Edinburgh on 26th March and can be seen in the photos.

Editor's Note: We look forward to more reports from Robin on this project and the resulting improvements in what is an outdated electricity supply system on the island, still using the old round three pin plugs commonly used in the UK. As Robin's old English teacher it is heartening to have to consult a dictionary to look up the term 'reticulation' and trusts others who may not know the word so are grateful for an alternative heading for this news article! It is also another example of the importance of a good education for Tristan Islanders, who need a much wider technical knowledge and skill as their community develops with up to date facilities.

New Post Office
& Police Station
building progress

Photographs from David Morley
taken on 1st November 2009
show the remarkable progress
made by the Apple Team

The new Post Office development
will also include a Museum,
Gift Shop and Cafe

taken by David Morley
on 15th October 2009
show work being carried out
by the Apple Team
led by Merwe da Jager

Post Office
Police Station

Post Office

Police Station

Electrical Update - Revised report 28th May 2008
Electrical engineer Maans van Niekerk arrived on Tristan on 6th May to advise on an upgrade to Tristan's out of date and overloaded electrical system. His delayed departure on 21st May allowed him to solve the grid earthing problems and plan a substantial future upgrade.
Unfortunately, on 22nd May, David Morley reports that there are now problems with one of the two standby generators. The problem is believed to be an electrical fault and a replacement regulator panel will be arriving for installation in June. If this problem is not solved there may be a need to go back to part-time power to give the sole remaining generator a rest from time to time.
Nevertheless, thanks to Operation Zest helping to install a new generator the position is far better than that pertaining directly after the factory fire of February 2008.

Photo. feature from
our special correspondent
Desi Repetto

shows left and right images taken on 18th February 2008 of :

A team on Tristan men
working to re-roof
Stanley and Jean Swains' house

It is typical that
a group of friends help
one another when needed
to build or repair their own houses.

There is no house insurance
or building companies
on Tristan, but
old fashioned co-operation
and self-help thrives

Stan puts the finish to the ridge of his re-roofed house
ready for the Autumn and Winter gales

Store Warehouse Re-Roofed

This photograph received on 8th May 2006 shows the main warehouse, alongside the Island Store, being re-roofed. The Tristan workforce is often engaged in repairs to roofs, which are liable to regular storm damage. Since the 2001 Hurricane, nearly all The Settlement's buildings have been re-roofed with zinc-coated steel in various colours. Most families hire a walk-in freezer in this complex as well as having home freezers and fridges.

Flushed with Success
Tristan has received an offer from Vectair Systems Ltd, a British company based in Hampshire, to freely provide a range of its 'washroom hygiene products'. The company wants to be recognised as a “Global” supplier and thought it was appropriate for products to be available in Tristan da Cunha, ''the Remotest Island On Earth''. Not wanting to get bogged down with the details, Administrator Mike Hentley has suggested the Island Council choose the best location for these gifts, and has threatened to take 'before and after' photographs which your editor awaits with interest. Watch this space for further news to check out whether Tristan loos really do come up smelling of roses.
News Story received from Administrator Mike Hentley 5th October 2005

£3000 for School Hall Refurbishment
Tristan Association Chairman Michael Swales has confirmed that £3000 from the Association's Disaster Fund(established following the 2001 Tristan hurricane) has been sent to the island for the refurbishment of St Mary's School Hall. The school hall was used extensively for a variety of functions whilst the Prince Philip Hall (severely damaged by the hurricane) was being repaired.
Report 17/4/2005

Tristan scores OTEP funding Hat trick
Success for all three bids submitted by Tristan last December for support from the Overseas Territories Environment Programme.  The Programme, jointly funded by the UK's Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Department for International Development, has provided valuable assistance to previous conservation projects implemented on Tristan, Nightingale, Inaccessible and Gough Islands.  The current awards will provide some £220,000 of support funds during the period 2005/07 to establish a Conservation Centre on Tristan, to finance a study on eradicating rats and mice on Gough & Tristan, and to continue efforts designed to prevent an invasive species of plant from establishing a habitat on Gough.
Report from Tristan Administrator Mike Hentley received 6/4/05
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