Tristan da Cunha Community News 2014
News for 2014 from the Tristan da Cunha community.
Summer arrives on Tristan
as Swimming Pool opens

The swimming pool was officially opened on Thursday 20th November at 2pm. The pool attendants are Donna Green and Kimberley Green. The children were very enthusiastic and could not wait for it to open. Despite the cold water they enjoyed it immensely.

Shirley Squibb's photo shows children enjoying the pool on the opening day.

Children now have the use of a new set of buoyancy aids kindly donated by 'Uncle' Alan and 'Aunt' Ann Ashworth.

Dawn Repetto's photo below shows the school children gathered with a sign of thanks to their friends from Norfolk who have been frequent visitors in recent years.

Children's Party at The Residency
Report and Photos from Shirley Squibb

Hasene Mitham hosted a party for children held during their half-term holiday on Friday 31st October.
It was a lovely sunny day and the children all enjoyed their afternoon of games in the
garden and indoors, a magic show and some delicious refreshments.

Musical Chairs in The Residency Lounge

Hide and Seek in the garden

Hasene Mitham and Sinyati Snell serve drinks after some exhausting games

Enjoying the party food
Magician Marc Escudier Entertains
Burns Night Supper

Scottish Doctors Pam and Iain Levack
organise their 2nd Burns Dinner
on Saturday 2nd August 2014

after the success of their 2013 event
- see
2013 Community News

Report and Photos from Shirley Squibb
Iain and Pam before the supper

Tables set ready for over 50 guests

Guests starting to arrive

The Atlantic Fresh Team
who organised the catering

The Burns Night Supper Programme Cover
set amongst tartan serviettes and table covering

Left: Doctor Pam Levack welcomes
everyone to the feast

Above: Rev Denzall Snell saying grace

Above and Right:
The first course of Scotch Broth being served

The event was of course belated for a Burns Night
(held near Robert Burns Birthday on 25th January)
but was at least authentic as a Tristan winter feast.

Left: The Atlantic Fresh Team processed into the hall with the Haggis Parade led by Iris Green carrying the Haggis.
Right: The Haggis (direct from Scotland of course) was then presented to Doctor Iain Levack who 'addressed it'.

Left: Doctor Iain preparing to cut the Haggis
with due ceremonial style.

Above: The main course of Haggis
with neeps (turnip), tatties (mashed potato)
and some Tristan pumpkin to add colour
and some local flavour for good measure.

Pam proposed a toast to the local Tiddies and Buddies
which was followed by a reply from Conrad Glass,
who like all of his family
is descended from Scot William Glass
who founded the Tristan da Cunha community
and who would now be proud
that his descendants were celebrating their Scottish roots
in such fine fashion.
A pudding of Cranachan (oatmeal, cream, honey and berries)
was followed by Oatcakes and Cheese, coffee or tea.
The musical entertainment was led by Pam (on the fiddle)
and Iain on the mouth organ (above and left).
Afterwards everyone joined hands to sing Auld Lang Syne together and then the chairs and tables were cleared for dancing to make a special winter's Saturday night in the Prince Philip Hall.
Rev Denzall Snell led a further tribute to
Rabbie Burns with Pam on the fiddle (right)

Departure and Birthday Party
for Marc Escudier

CBTO Station Manager Marc Escudier celebrated his birthday on 21st June in the Prince Philip Hall just a week before departing on the container ship Santa Ines a week later. Mark reports that there was a great turnout and the ambiance was really good! The Tristanians have, as usual, been great at preparing food, and they made a special effort on decorations.

Marc will be returning aboard SA Agulhas II in September when he will become the first CBTO Manager to complete a second contract on the island. Judging by the support he had from young and old at this celebration he will be a welcome returnee for a second term.

Photos are from Marc and include him sharing a joke with Harold Green in the photo left.

Residency Easter Egg Hunt
Report and photo from Hasene Mitham

Hasene Mitham organised an Easter Egg Hunt for St.Mary's School's
seventeen pupils on the afternoon of Easter Saturday 19th April.

The weather was perfect for the occasion as it was dry and warm. The pupils included the playgroup, classes 1, 2 & 3 pupils and Lucas Swain from the crèche. Chloe Glass, Janice Green and Rhyanna Swain kindly came along to help the younger pupils to find the chocolate eggs.

The children had some written clues on papers to locate the eggs around the
Residency Garden and they all started looking for them around 2 pm. They
enjoyed running around the garden to find the eggs and after all the chocolate eggs have been found, they have been fairly distributed to all pupils who have contributed in the Hunt.

Before they all left for home, they had a few soft drinks and sweet snacks. The Admin's dog, Nelson, enjoyed having the children around and tried to steal some sweets from the young pupils!

Holiday Scenes
You may have seen our separate Christmas and New Year Page,
but here is a group of photos sent by Dawn Repetto (below)
taken over the last few days of the extended holidays
showing island families relaxing.

The first image is of Marc Escudier
pictured right in his wetsuit on
Runaway Beach
on 12th January 2014

On Runaway Beach 9th January 2014 (right photo titled 'waiting for an octopus by Dawn!)
See also the 'Extreme Fishing' pictures on the Fishing News Page.

Picking 'Island Berries'
at Pigbite

It takes patience, but the berries
make a wonderful pie or crumble.

See our Botany Page for details of the plant
and its 'cousin' on The Peak

Back at Runaway Beach on the last day of the holidays on Sunday 12th January
before going back to work on Monday.