Tristan da Cunha Church News: 2013 News
2013 news from St Mary's and St Joseph's churches, include their priests and special services.

2013 News

St Mary's Church Priest Re-Advert as parish faces longest gap without a priest for a century
St Mary's Church is still seeking to recruit a Parish Priest - see the job advert on our linked Jobs Page.
We understand many applications have been received by the Diocese of Cape Town
but have heard no further news of an appointment following enquiries in November 2013.

St Mary’s Anglican Church has been without a resident priest since Father Chris Brown left in July 2010. This is believed to be the longest gap without a resident priest since Rev Martin Rogers arrived in 1922 following Rev Graham Barrow’s departure in 1909.

Tristan Remembers
Annual Remembrance Day Service held in St Joseph's Catholic Church
on Sunday 10th November which also celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the safe return of Tristan da Cunha Islanders
as on 10th November 1963 MV Bornholm arrived at the island with the final and main party of returnees.
Photos from Dawn Repetto

Scenes in St Joseph's Church during the Annual Remembrance Day Service.
The united community service is held in St Mary's Anglican and St Joseph's Catholic Church in alternate years.
During the 2013 service a special prayer was said in thankfulness for the islanders safe return 50 years ago.
Left: Lay Reader Dereck Rogers leading the congregation in prayer
Right: Conrad Glass and Administrator Alex Mitham lead the congregation to the wreath-laying ceremony.

Wreath Laying Ceremony under the island flag outside Prince Philip Hall

It is significant that on this site 50 years ago
islanders' belongings and stores were being sorted
by all those who had chosen to return to Tristan after their enforced 1961 evacuation after the volcanic eruption.

Right: General view of the scene

Below Left:: Alex Mitham and Conrad Glass with Lay Readers James Glass and Dereck Rogers

Below: Conrad Glass making his speech before laying a beautiful wreath, again made by Doreen Swain on behalf of the community. Alex Mitham stands behind ready to lay a more traditional wreath on behalf of HM Government.

Palm Sunday Service at St Mary's Church on 24th March 2013
Photos from Robin Repetto and information from Carlene Glass-Green

Lay Reader Lars Repetto
blessing the palms

Lay Readers Lars Repetto, Carlene Glass-Green and Eddie Rogers
Servers: Rhyanna Swain, Jade Repetto and Janice Green

Jade Repetto and Rhyanna Swain
handing out palm crosses

The congregation collecting their palms

Mothering Sunday
at St Joseph's
Roman Catholic Church
on 10th March

Photos from James Glass

Lay Minister
Dereck Rogers
at the altar
celebrating the Mass

Calvin Green, having collected
a posy from the altar is about
to give it to his mother Donna.

Graves adorned with flowers on Mothering Sunday in the Tristan Cemetery

Combined Harvest Festival and Mothering Sunday Service held in St Mary's Church
on Sunday 10th March 2013

Report from Carlene Glass-Green

Photos from Robin Repetto taken inside St Mary's Church show:
Left: Eddie Rogers at the altar filled with harvest gifts; Centre: The congregation;
Right: Mothering Sunday posies being given to children to present to their mothers
Below: The beautifully decorated chancel of St Mary's Church

On 10th March we celebrated our Harvest Festival service and also Mothering Sunday. The service was led by lay minister Eddie Rogers assisted by lay minister Carlene Glass-Green. Islanders brought their harvest gifts to church on Saturday and the church was decorated by our team of cleaners.

Children collected flowers and brought them to church on Saturday where the Sunday School teachers led by Trina Repetto made them into posies to hand out to their mothers at the Sunday Eucharist service.