A second storm on 19th April 2017 caused widespread flooding and damage across Tristan's Settlement Plain

Second severe April storm causes widespread flooding

19th April 2017 Storm Photo Report

Photos from Janine Lavarello, Jade Repetto and Kelly Burns taken on 19th April
Reporting from Dawn Repetto and David Moores

Following the floods on Good Friday further bad weather on the evening of Tuesday 18th April caused additional damage to areas of the settlement and the patches with the Hottentot Gulch once again being blocked.

The following day the Government Finance Officer, David Moores, visited the affected areas to assess the damage. A clear up co-ordination meeting was held on the morning of Thursday 20th April to prioritise key areas for resources to concentrate on. Priority has been given to secure dwellings from further flood damage. In addition teams have been deployed to assess in more detail the damage sustained at the patches.

The Government Finance Officer is co-ordinating the clear up efforts and is in regular contact with the Administrator, Sean Burns, who is currently on Gough Island.

The Islanders remain positive and are all working together to help one another through a difficult time.

Photos from Janine Lavarello taken early on 19th April

The four images above show scenes in Hottentot Gulch

The three images above show scenes along the course of the Big Watron stream

Photos taken by Jade Repetto during the afternoon of 19th April

Two photos above show diggers working to build / clear a road across Hottentot Gulch

Flood debis at Knockfolly Gulch

Flood debris at Little Sandy Gulch

Four images above show secenes around Red Body Hill Patches

View arcoss the Patches Plain towards Runaway Beach

Photos from Kelly Burns

View of flooded Potato Patches -
luckily the main potato crop is gathered in, although huts and stores will have to be checked for flood damage.

Above: Beach near the Administrator's Hut near the Molly Gulch

Below: A forlorn Administrator's Hut with a wild sea behind