On arrival in Cape Town the Pristine Seas Expedition thanks its Tristan hosts.

Expedition arrives back in Cape Town

Report from RSPB's Jonathon Hall

Photo from National Geographic's Dan Myers
shows expedition team members gathered alongside SVS Grenville
on 11th February 2017 at the end of the Pristine Seas Expedition to the Tristan da Cunha Islands
and spelling out 'THANK YOU TRISTAN'.

The National Geographic Pristine Seas and RSPB teams would like to thank everyone on Tristan for their enormously warm welcome, wonderful hospitality and vital assistance during the recent marine expedition. The team was able to complete over 100 dive surveys, 23 deep camera drops, and 30 offshore camera deployments, as well as attach satellite-tracking tags to seals, sharks and seabirds, which will all help inform which parts of Tristan’s marine zone are most important for different species.

We are now going to get cracking on finishing writing up the science results and editing the documentary film in time to hopefully premiere it on Tristan during the September changeover. Thank you also to everyone who attended the last night results presentation - we were extremely sorry to have to then leave after such an unforgettably brilliant visit!

Many thanks again for having us, and we look forward to continuing to support you to develop your own Tristan-led and science-based protections for your remarkable rich waters.