As the expedition draws to a close, a group led by Administrator Sean Burns, and including Island Councillors, see for themselves the expedition's work.

Tristan group spend day aboard SVS Grenville

Report and photos from Tristan Administrator Sean Burns

A Tristan RIB approaches the Pristine Seas National Geographic Expedition Ship SVS Grenville
on 1st February 2017 to begin a circumnavigation of Tristan da Cunha by a local group.
Photos show: Left - a 'drop' camera being prepared for use under water;
Right - pelagic cameras deployed as SVS Grenville continues its passage around Tristan da Cunha.
Above and right: Scientists examining the invasive 'Porgy Fish' that were brought to Tristan aboard the Oil Platform PXXI in 2006. Head of Fisheries James Glass observes the examination in the photo right.
Left: Factory Manager Erik Mackenzie learns about work in the Marine Science Lab.; Above: Head of Fisheries James Glass chats with Expedition Leader Paul Rose (both in centre).
View looking west showing Sandy Point (Tristan's eastern extremity) in the centre and Stoney Beach far left.
Part of the Tristan party heading back to shore on the RIB
Including Chief Islander Ian Lavarello, Island Councillors Terence Green, Iris Green and Warren Glass, Marina Burns, Factory Manager Erik MacKenzie and at the helm Head of Conservation Trevor Glass.