Tristan da Cunha Knitwear News: Patchwork Knitted Screen Installed
Tristan's 37 Degrees South Knitwear Brand received a commission to knit a patchwork projection screen that has been erected in France for presentations during 2014.

Patchwork Knitted Screen Installed

Patchwork Knitted Screen Installed
We have received photos of the installation and use of the knitted screen from Cyril Verde
which show how the traditional knitted woollen patches have been transformed into the

ACME 37° South Projection Screen
erected in France and used for presentations as shown below during 2014
ACME = A Company That makes Everything!

The prototype model

Building the frame

Tristan woollen patchwork shapes in place

Outdoor presentation space

More views of the outdoor presentation space
A Tristan First Day Cover projected onto the screen
during a museum display
Another image projected onto the screen.
Merci Islanders
How the patches were made - see below:

The commission
Tristan da Cunha likes a challenge so the knitters of the 37 Degrees South Knitwear Brand were delighted to receive a challenging order for an island wool patchwork screen. This began when Mr Cyril Verde contacted Tristan's Postmistress Iris Green to see if a screen could be produced for him to exhibit in France. In 2012 the details passed to Tourism Co-ordinator Dawn Repetto and the formation that year of the bespoke knitting team and the re-branding of Tristan's woollens as 37 Degrees South Knitwear meant that anything was now possible.
Dawn liaised with Mr Verde and Mr Sebastien Remy regarding their exact requirements. Dawn received a sketch to give an idea of what the screen might look like, and the dimensions of 560cm X 220cm. It was then drawn to scale by Shirley Squibb containing fifty seven patches. After being approved by Mr Verde and Mr Remy no less that forty eight Tristan Island knitters were briefed to begin production.
Each patch was a specific size and pattern, therefore to ensure fairness there was a draw issuing each knitter with her piece, nine of whom were given two of the smallest segments. Then the eager ladies got to work and before long the patches started arriving at the Tourism Centre. They were then sewn together as they and the screen soon started to take shape, growing at an incredible rate until it was completed on Tuesday 26th November. The screen has now been dispatched and the island eagerly awaits news of its safe arrival and of its exhibition in France.
Next Challenge
The Tristan Knitwear Team want to hear from any one else with a special woollen product in mind.

Shirley Squibb's
design for the
57 patchwork shapes
making up the

560cm X 220cm

Shirley Squibb
holds the draw bag
as Dawn Repetto
picks out names
to be linked
to a particular
patchwork segment.

Knitters with their patches

Gladys Lavarello

Mary Lavarello

Trina Repetto

Rosemary Glass

Agnes Lavarello

Sandra Rogers

Hilary Rogers

Jane Repetto

Rose Glass
Martha Glass
Catherine Glass
Sharon Glass
Evelyn Hagan
Tina Glass
Joan Repetto
Amy Green
Judy Green
Jackie Lavarello
Doreen Swain
Priscilla Hagan
Gracie Glass
Ida Green
Sylvia Green
Glynis Swain
Elizabeth Rogers
Louisa Green
Jeanette Lavarello
Stella Rogers
Denise Rogers
Maureen Green
Christine Swain
Wendy Green
Margaret Swain
Joyce Hagan
Judith Green
Monica Glass
Caroline Rogers
Rhoda Rogers
Rita Repetto
Debbie Swain
Vanessa Lavarello
Sheila Glass
Nora Swain
Miranda Repetto
Alison Swain
Lillie Swain
Joanne Green
Donna Green

Above Left:
The knitted patches assembled waiting to be sewn together

Above Right:
The screen taking shape

The completed
560cm X 220cm screen.