Tristan represented at the UK Overseas Territories London Event.

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2017 UK Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council Week


Report and photos from Tristan Government Representative Chris Carnegy



Photo left shows Chris Carnegy (right) with Tristan Government Adviser Jim Kerr
in Parliament Square
as they arrive for the important
UK Overseas Territories
Joint Ministerial Council week
on Monday 27th November 2017.



First meetings were with
the Chair of the BREXIT Committee
Hilary Benn
and with
members of the
Foreign Affairs Committee

Photos taken on 27th November show -
Left: Chris Carnegy with Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tugendhat MP
Above: Andrew Rosindell MP
flanked by Jim and Chris
UK Overseas Territories Association Political Council in session at Church House,
showing Tristan Representatives Jim Kerr and Chris Carnegy in the front.