The Tristan flag flew over the Foreign and Commonwealth, London, on Anniversary Day, 14th August 2017.

Tristan Flag flies in London on Anniversary Day 2017

Photo from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Flickr website

Tristan da Cunha flag flying over the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 2017

The Tristan da Cuha Flag flying proudly above Whitehall

Tristan Administrator Sean Burns was impressed when the Tristan da Cunha flag was raised impressively above the roof of the imposing Whitehall Foreign and Commonwealth Office to celebrate Tristan da Cunha's 201st Anniversary Day on Monday 14th August 2017.

On Tristan itself, the day was marked as usual with a Public Holiday, but this is winter on the island and there were no official functions or parties.Nevertheless the weather was actually good so many ventured to the Potato Patches to plant in 1st potatoes, fish at Hardy Bank or Runaway Beach, and have a braai or a picnic while the weather was good. Runaway beach was busy with fishermen, and some of the island children took the opportunity to go swimming. In the afternoon many enjoyed fresh fish for supper.