Tristan UK Representative Chris Carnegy attends June 2017 London legal seminar

Tristan Representative attends UK legal seminar

Report and photo from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

On 15th June 2017, Tristan's UK Representative attended a legal seminar in London - and encountered the man who is re-drafting Tristan's local laws.

The session at the Doughty Street Chambers addressed legal issues for small jurisdictions, including the consequences of Brexit. Among the participants was barrister John Wilson, who's been retained to review the drafting of local ordinances in Tristan alongside those of St Helena and Ascension. John is highly experienced in this specialist field and his work is expected to be complete later in 2017.

 Tristan has its own ordinances and is covered by some of St Helena's. Except for the topics covered by those rules, English law applies.

Photos shows Chris with John Wilson during the London seminar on 15th June 2017