Conrad and Sharon Glass are returning to Tristan following cancellation of April RMS St Helena sailing

Conrad and Sharon Glass' 2017 return to St Helena cancelled

Training trip cancelled

Amended report on 10th May

Connie and Sharon Glass' plans to travel to St Helena from Cape Town for three months training with St Helena Police Service have been cancelled and they are returning home to Tristan da Cunha aboard MV Pacific Askari which departed Cape Town on 9th May.

No doubt they are disappointed not to return to St Helena. Connie did his original training there 30 years ago so they both know the island well. There has been a lot of development within the St Helena Police Service, which Connie would have benefitted from and Sharon planned to work on the administrative, licensing and court side of things. They aimed to travel through Ascension in July for some further training in the UK and then back here on the Agulhas.

In the meantime, PC Lewis Glass and PC Lorraine Repetto have been running the police service on Tristan da Cunha.

Photo from Sarah Cash shows the RMS St Helena at Tristan in 2013

St Helena Travel Update

The RMS St Helena has continued to provide regular passages from Cape Town to St Helena and Ascension Island from May 2016 as the plans to develop a regular scheduled air services to replace the ship have been delayed.

Conrad and Sharon boarded RMS St Helena Voyage 256 in Cape Town, but passengers were off-loaded on Easter Day, Sunday 16th April as the second consecutive trip was cancelled due to mechanical problems.

The cancellation of the two voyages, together with the closure of Ascension airport, have left many travellers to and from St Helena and Ascension Island stranded. Conrad and Sharon had planned a St Helena - Ascension sea trip with onward travel by air to the UK.

Therefore a pragmatic decision was made to cancel their 2017 trip and return home.

Nevertheless, RMS St Helena resumed duties when Voyage 257 departed from Cape Town on 5th May and a special charter flight charter flight brought 60 passengers from Cape Town to St Helena via Windhoek, including HE Governor Lisa Phillips on 3rd May. Falkland Islands - UK flights are currently operating via West Africa and not Ascension Island.