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Moving towards our aim of raising £100,000

We aim to raise £100,000 for the interest to be applied to award grants to support Tristan islanders studying abroad,
to ensure children, like those pictured above outside St Mary's School in April 2015,
will have the same opportunities that those in the UK enjoy.

Latest Fund Total in February 2016 = £62,736

Please help us by supporting our latest fund raising project shown below
First international Fund Raising Project
as Neil Foster runs the Vancouver Marathon on 1st May 2016 and seeks your sponsorship

Neil Foster aims to raise help raise funds
in Tristan's bicentenary year
to help support Tristan islanders' education overseas
through the Tristan da Cunha Education Trust Fund.

Please support him by pledging a donation - UK taxpayers' donations by 25% through Gift Aid - see
ETF Vancouver Marathon
for more information
Linden Andrew raises £730 on sponsored cycle 'ride' for Trust Fund
Tristan Association member
Linden Andrew
from Clevedon, North Somerset,
raised £730 in her 2013
sponsored cycle initiative achieved
by 'riding' 100 miles
on her home-based exercise bike.
Linden is 69 and has health problems
which would prevent her
from doing a continuous
road cycle ride,
so her achievement
is all the more brilliant.
Linden has taken an interest
in Tristan da Cunha
since hearing of the 1961 evacuation
and realised her dream of going there
when she visited aboard RMS St Helena in 2001
(her photo left shows Linden ascending the RMS' rope ladder on returning to the ship)
Linden loved visiting Tristan and said:

'I was, and still am, very much in awe of people who are so self-sufficient
and have so many talents and abilities which I don’t have at all.'

Alison's 10th Half Marathon Triumph

Alison Hentley successfully completed her 10th half marathon
in the Bristol event on 15th September 2013.

Alison found the run quite painful this time -
and thinks it might be time to hang up her running shoes!
She managed 2 hours, 3 minutes and 50 seconds, which she described as
'quite good considering I had not trained enough.
Weather was okay - not too cold and we managed to avoid the rain too.'

So this might be the chance for friends of Tristan to make a special effort to support Alison's fantastic effort to again lead from the front to raise funds for the Tristan Education Trust Fund as it supports students studying overseas.

Alison's 9th Half Marathon
Seeking sponsorship for the Tristan Education Trust Fund
Alison Hentley has now run over 100 miles in nine half marathons when she completed
the Bath Half Marathon event on Sunday 3rd March 2013.

Alison was pleased to report a time of 1 hour, 59 minutes and 50 seconds
- a fantastic achievement on a cold (but dry) day around the World Heritage city course.

Photograph left shows Alison with her medal as she again
leads from the front to raise funds
for the education of Tristan da Cunha's young people.

Doesn't she look great? And she's just run over thirteen miles in the cold!!!

Congratulations Alison!

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